by Christeen Mae Juan

When December 2012 came, doom's day or the end of the world is a big issue. Statuses and posts on Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are all about it. There are also rumors that once the official music video of Psy's Gangnam Style reaches billion views, the earth will finally meet its end.

The thing is, it’s not about the “end of the world”. It’s about “What will you do before the world ends?”. Some say they will end it with their loved ones, some would take a revenge, some would forgive and forget, some would pray, and some would just wait for it.

December 21, 2012 was the said date that the world would end but fortunately it did not happen and that’s why Filipinos are lucky because they are still able to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

But even though the much talked about end of the world didn’t happen, one thing will surely end, the year 2012.

New Year is also one of the most awaited celebration every year because it’s a matter of goodbye and hello- a good bye for the year 2012, throwing away all the bad memories and keeping the good ones, and hello for the year 2013 and make a brand new start.

Before the year ends, Bulakenyos share what they’re going to do before the year end and how they will welcome the year 2013. For Joevie Adolfo, resident in Paombong Bulacan, she will welcome 2013 full of hopes that it will be more challenging and happier.

Some would end the year and welcome the new one in a traditional way like Karen Mae Sanchez, resident in Balagtas Bulacan, “Sasalubungin naming 'yong taon ng magkakasabay kumain, hindi kami nagpapaputok kaya sa pagkaen namin binabawi,” Karen said.

Some like Pamela May Asidao, resident in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan, would welcome the year with a new lifestyle.

“A typical person would say na "hindi ko gagawin 'to, 'di na ako gaganyan", "I won’t do this, I won’t do that anymore" mga ganun. But as years passed, parang it’s not enough to say it or write on a paper. As a graduating student, real life is waiting ahead. 'Yon 'yong new lifestyle na application ng mga natutunan mo pati mga pananaw mo sa buhay,” Pamela said.

Welcoming the upcoming year should be a happy one in order for the whole year to be a good one. Like Mark Jerrald Porciuncula, resident in Sta. Maria Bulacan, he said, “Sasalubungin ko nang masaya kasi panibagong taon nanaman. Dapat ipagpasalamat kay Lord."

But saying goodbye to 2012 doesn’t mean you have to forget, sometimes you just have to move forward like Joshua Torres, from Calumpit Bulacan. Joshua is planning to make a New Year’s resolution and before the year ends, he will forgive those who have arguments and conflicts with him.

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