by Akiko John Domingo

From the Latin ‘universitas magistrorum et scholarium’, which approximately implies ‘community of teachers and scholars’, the word ‘university’ stretches forth. And as a university, BulSU is determined to take the approximation in both the literal and figurative manners.

Through the merit of ACT 74 of the Philippine Commission in 1901, Bulacan State University becomes a state-funded institution of ‘more in high spirits conning’.

By 1918, Filipino executives took over the administration of the school from the Thomasites, the American Teachers on the country from the American years. Consequently, in 1953, the academe was changed over into Bulacan National Trade School. In 1957 Bulacan National School of Arts and Trades was conceived, and in 1960, Bulacan School of Arts and Trades was conceptualized.

In 1965, the educational institution was reborn into Bulacan College of Arts and Trades, compensating the mode for the enlargement of its services to the four-year courses of Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Teacher Education, Industrial Education and Graduates curricula.

With the articulation of Republic Act 7665 in 1993, the institution was eventually born-again into Bulacan State University. Just right after the transition, BulSU becomes one of the country’s well-known schools on different platforms and diverse programs, and is considered as Central Luzon’s best university.

Bulacan State University’s main campus is located in the City of Malolos. It has four local satellite campuses in the province namely Bustos Campus in Bustos, Sarmiento Campus in the City of San Jose del Monte, Meneses Campus in Bulakan, and the Hagonoy Campus in Hagonoy. Amazingly, it has an international campus in Hong Kong in People's Republic of China. All campuses promise and offer graduate and collegiate degree courses.

As an institution of higher education, BulSU is delegated to bring home the bacon to a more high-pitched professional breeding and to kick upstairs on exploration, boosted studies and progressive forwarding status on Architecture, Engineering, Information Technology, Education, Arts and Science, Business Administration, Medicine, Law, Public Administration, among others.

The Commission on Higher Education identified the University as ‘one of the Center for Excellence and Development in the country’.

Bulacan State University’s shibboleth, ‘Unending Journey towards Excellence and Progress,’ has channelized its administrators and students to climb their way up, on all the facets that yield victory.

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