by Arriane Mae Tristan

          The media has been a very useful tool to easily disseminate news to the public. It can inform large number of people through print (newspapers) which contains recent events from page to page, the broadcast (television) which delivers information daily and shows a breaking-news-reportage whenever unexpected happenings occur, plus the bonus of having the online media (internet) at our sides where we can get an oh-so-quick updates with just one click. But the PJR Reports once stated that media sometimes get biased and unfair, and it has its own flaws despite of its natural strengths.

               The media’s coverage concerning the killing of the Italian priest Fausto Tenorio, Ramgen Bautista (son of former Senator Revilla SR.) and Ricky Pempengco (father of singer Charice) was one of the manifestations of the press being ‘unneutral’ when covering high-profile crimes by focusing on more sensational events. Tenorio’s murder gradually fades out of the scene when the news about Bautista and Pempengco broke out.

               It only shows that the nation’s fourth estate plays an important role when it comes to resolving cases, and being unfair and biased was a quite mistake then.

          The press has the ability to monitor an essential topic.  For that matter, gaining media’s attention swift up the investigations and the steps that will surely help the progress of a specific issue just like what happened to the murder cases of Bautista and Pempengco, not knowing that Tenorio’s case was being abandoned. The priest’s slain case remained unsolved when the coverage capturing his story stopped as it focus to the sudden death of Ramgen and Ricky which had already a lot of exposures in print, broadcast and online media.

            Tales of the Italian priest’s goodness made it through the pages of the newspapers, but the real reason behind the killing and the identity of the killers was not fully elaborated, while the photos and videos of a crying Magsaysay and of Charice and her mother, conquers both print and broadcast media for days.

               In this field, there’s no room for biased news, so the press have to make more efforts to set their eyes neutral; it’s the media’s work to cover a certain news that has erupted and inform the public for the updates, but still, it’s a must for them to be equal and impartial. 

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