by Deliza Maye Fernandez

Bulacan State University - Two sections of sophomore students of Accountancy made a three-combination business called Kilabooth League as part of the weeklong celebration of the university’s 108th founding anniversary, December 3-8.

“As accountancy students, hindi kami pwedeng mag-rely sa iisang booth kasi alam namin na in the first place, marami kaming competitors,” said Neri Royce Lazaro, president of section A. 

Booths were divided into three categories: a bike rental wherein everyone can rent each bike for P10.00 every 15 minutes; a photo booth where everyone is assured for the best quality photo they will have; and, the Harana booth wherein the talents of the students of the section will be shown as one requested a song to play which is based on the list of the songs they were capable of playing. 

All the bicycles used for rentals were from Plaridel and the students/entrepreneurs just rode into it all the way to the campus. 

The Harana booth was originally created for the lovers in BulSU so they can use it to dedicate songs to their boyfriends or girlfriends. However, it was also available to the students who just want to listen and enjoy the music.

The overall profit of the Kilabooth League will go to the fund of the section for the project of renovating the rooms in the building of College of Social Science and Psychology (CSSP).

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