by Dahren Sta. Ana

Several activities and events were prepared in the weeklong celebration of Bulacan State University’s (BulSU) 108th founding anniversary, December 3-8.

The Faculty Union, Non-teaching Personnel Association and Alumni Association hosted the foundation week this year in which they were given a one and half month to prepare for the celebration of another successful year of BulSU.

Last year, the College of Industrial Technology (CIT) and College of Information and Communications Technology (CICT) are the hosts of the foundation week. 

The first day of the celebration started with an Alay Lakad wherein numerous students from different colleges adhere to walk from Malolos Sports and Convention Center up to BulSU’s Activity Center followed by a thanksgiving mass and then the most awaited opening program.

According to Faculty Union president Ms. Hermogena A. Bautista, one of the significant parts of the foundation week was the opening program wherein their objective is to give a short yet enjoyable opening.

“One of the significant events is the opening program, comments given by officials, faculty members and students. They were not bored, they enjoy the balloons and the dove plus the cake which were distributed for almost 500 faculty members and students and there is just only a brief opening program, not boring,” said Bautista.

In the six-day celebration, there were various activities and event organized like the Entrepreneurial Trade fair, various exhibits, games, film showing, contests. But then, the awarding of the Loyalty Award to chosen BulSU personnel is said to be one the most important events in the celebration, which was held in the activity center last December 7.

“First, the opening program then followed by the Benefactors Day and the Loyalty Award which according to the faculty members and non-teaching personnel, it is the most important part of the foundation week celebration,” said Bautista.

Furthermore, talking about difficulties in the preparation of the foundation week, Bautista said, “Although we have encountered problems and difficulties we are able to solve everything and I think handling an occasion like this is a challenging one. Although I have a lot of challenges as faculty president this is the one whom I believe I was able to surpass.” 

Buatista is the one who took charge of the program; the list of activities were submitted to her and later on approved, and then she assigned the venues to avoid conflicts.

Giving her message to the BulSUans, Bautista ended, “They should always do something to make BSU number 1”.

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