by Deliza Maye Fernandez

Bulacan-- Improper disposal of garbage is the major environmental problem in Balagtas,  according to the town's Environmental Officer.

  In the recent monsoon rains that made the municipality sank in flood, some part of it has broken the history of Ondoy making the area flooded for the first time. Other barangays had not encountered the high-level of floods before, unlike what the monsoon rains had brought.

            “Hindi naman binabaha ng gano'n kagrabe ‘tong Balagtas eh. Usually, binabaha lang naman tayo ‘pag nagpapalabas ng tubig 'yong mga dams nang sabay-sabay’” said Reynaldo Miranda, the encironmental officer of Balagtas.

            The initial response of the government with these environmental problem is the segregation of garbage and proper waste disposal. The biodegradable wastes especially the ones that are coming from the market will be set for the compost and will be used for planting the 1,600 seedlings of trees given by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). The non-biodegradable wastes will be put on Material Recovery Facilities in which the garbage will be divided according to its kind such as papers, plastic and others that can be recycled and sold.

            Meanwhile, the implementation of the No-plastic ordinance has been set in the municipality. “Inuunti-unti natin ‘yan kasi hindi pa masunod ng tao kasi nasanay na tayo sa paggamit ng plastic, marami ang matitigas ang ulo,” said Miranda.

            Reconstructing the roads and renovating other facilities are some of the responses of the government in Balagtas. Miranda assured that people in the said municipality may look forward that the flood they had encountered by the Monsoon rains will never happen again. But still, he assured that if the municipality will experience another environmental problem, they will always be there to respond as instant as possible.

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