by Reina Beatriz Peralta

Aside from Filipino-American Friendship day, the province of Bulacan also celebrated and commemorated the 116th death anniversary of the province’s home-grown national hero, Marcelo H. del Pilar. To pay tribute to his heroic deeds, the Pambansang Komisyong Pangkasaysayan ng Pilipinas organized a lecture-forum about the theme “Kilusang Propaganda ni del Pilar: Ang Kabuluhan Nito sa Edukasyon ng Kasalukuyang Panahon”, last July 4, at the Marcelo H. del Pilar Shrine, Bulakan, Bulacan on July 4.

                         Plaridel is a well-known hero who fought for the freedom of our country through his writings. Jose Roy B. Reyes, President of Bulacan Press Club, said that today, our country needs journalists who are like del Pilar, fearless to expose anamolies happening in the government.

                        Aside from del Pilar’s longing for the country to be free from the Spaniards, he also valued education so much. Prof. Michael Charleston B. Chua from the Department of History of De La Salle University said that del Pilar raised fund for the youth to be educated. Dr. Agnes DR. Crisostomo, Editor of Bahay-Saliksikan ng Bulacan of Bulacan State University (BSU), told a "secret" that almost everybody is unaware of. Del Pilar has his own version of Jose Rizal’s “Liham sa Kadalagahan ng Malolos”. Del Pilar’s “Liham sa Kababaihan ng Bayan ng Bulacan” tells about the essence of education.

                            Together with Reyes, Chua and Crisostomo, the other best speakers from different professions chosen by the Pambansang Komisyong Pangkasaysayan ng Pilipinas to gave talk in the program were: Prof. Cerise C. Guerrero, Chairman of Youth Progressive Unity for Nationalist Orientation; the representative of WM Mario Rariza, Cuapang Lodge Blg. 295; Josefina B. Natividad, Tagamasid Pampurok of Department of Eduacation (DepEd)-Bulacan; and Dr. Remigio R. Musca, Superintendent, Meneses Campus of BSU.

                             The Journalism, Tourism and Education students from different universities in Bulacan were also present in that program to gain more knowledge about Plaridel.

                           As what Prof. Guerrero said: “Ang paglimot sa kanila (the national heroes) ay parang pagpatay na rin sa kanila sa pangalawang pagkakataon”.

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