Positivism vs. Truth-telling
Kattryn Erryc Sayo

Aquino on TV Patrol’s News Anchor Noli de Castro    

               Last Sunday, July 29, I have read this article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer about PNoy’s speech during ABS-CBN TV Patrol’s 25th anniversary. It is entitled “P-Noy slams news delivery during TV network’s bash”. Since I haven’t watched the speech itself, I just relied on the article in the broadsheet.  Aquino has been saying that de Castro always has his negative criticisms to news, even on the good ones, which is a no-no in the profession. Well, for this, I stand with our president. As a media practitioner, de Castro can directly manipulate or shape the public’s opinion. Instead of giving his pessimistic comments on issues, he must, all the time, disseminate the truth. As a media worker, people might easily believe what he says. Moreover, a media practitioner has a great role in the society, and in what he has been doing, giving out all his negative judgment over an issue, he does not execute the chief essence of a media worker. We all know that a journalist is unbiased, neutral, fair, impartial, balanced or objective (every single adjective that pertains to a similar subject). If de Castro’s actions will be the basis, he does not purely show the principle of Journalism. Yes, we cannot avoid bad occurrences, but inserting every little negativism and opinion to issues, especially to good ones, is another story. Most importantly, we are not prioritizing opinions in the world of Journalism; we are emphasizing the truth, which all of the time must be handed to the community.

Aquino on Media’s Reporting

                      There is another article about Aquino’s speech which I had read last Tuesday, July 31. The title is “Aquino Instruct Media to Deviate in Negative Reporting”. The president would like the media to shun sensationalism and balance negative news as they also affect the outlook of other people. Also part of this is his desire for the media to veer away from negativism, or refrain from disseminating more often the distressing and undesirable issues. He would like the media to focus more on the encouraging and positive happenings in the society. Well, in one way, it’s a bit of idealism for we all know that not every single happening on earth can be considered as positive. For this, I must say I oppose the idea or suggestion of our president.

                              We are all aware that the primary principle and role of Journalism is to express nothing but the truth. It’s very simple. Everything that occurs in the society, may it be inspiring or disheartening, must all be exposed to the society. Take for instance, if a negative issue is of a major concern, should the media ignore this or let the public know about it? Of course, let the public be aware of it. Media cannot always focus on the positive ones especially if the negative stories show more importance. I’m not saying that we can’t live in an atmosphere of total optimism. It’s just in the core of reality that the country is still in the process of going there. Another thing, avoiding the coverage of negative issues would only limit us from improving. If we would lay out those stories, enhancements are highly possible. It is like when we’re in a pit of difficulties, it makes us struggle and learn more. The same goes with reporting negative news: the more we expose those stories and know about them, the more we will be aware and alert. We have more chances in waking up our intellectuals as well as ordinary folks, and the closer we are in achieving change and development. 

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