Looking forward to the Rio Olympics 2016! -Philippines
Justine Marie Bernardo

You read it right. Nothing's left for the Philippines to have a title in the London Olympics. The last contender that took the chance is Daniel Caluag, the BMX Cycling athlete from Bulacan. But unfortunately, he was one of the three that gone out in the first game. But for me, it will never be a defeat nor failure, but a privilege. This is a privilege that will hold on for a thousand years by Philippine history. Being a part and qualified for the London 2012 is a great honour for the country. Why? Because we know that we had a chance to prove to the world that we are neither weak nor scarce. To show that the Philippines that can compete with them though they are much wealthier than ours.

11 representatives, different fields of sport, but one country. Some are Half-Filipinos, and live in other country, but they chose to stand for the Philippines. This is one of the reasons for us to be proud of. Despite of the limited funds and time that they receive, they don’t mind them. They’re focus is on the game and the winning.

But the bitter truth that these athletes must face is that, most of his countrymen don’t know them. Their “kababayan” don’t know that they will be there, competing for our country. They will just recognize if they will win, but if not, these people will never know their identity and they will be forgotten until the next competitions. This is one of the problems in our country. We only focus on the universal and big things, but those small things that could possibly be a success; we don’t even notice it and sometimes, push them away. Though chances are little, these athletes are still hoping and trying their best to win because they knew that if they’ll win, it will bring a great pride for the nation.

But now, the Philippines exited her way from the London 2012. It is not a big deal to others because they don’t know how hard it is to train and win against big countries. But for our Filipino athletes it’s an ending story because they failed. It is also a big frustration for them; however we don’t even observe that. Our Filipino Olympians are underrated.

These are one of the actions that should be exerted and should give an effort to help. By winning, you will not only get money, but a good history. You will not only receive fame, but a positive pride for your nation and for yourself. You will not only be given trophy, but also a great memory and experience that will you cherish when you die.

If ever we will have a chance to go and compete again in the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, we should familiarize ourselves to the next Olympians. It will be a great help for them because their countrymen are in their back to support and love them through winning and defeat. So Rio 2016, be ready.

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