by Nico Villaceran

FOOTBALL - “When the offense doesn’t work, an intensive defense will be the solution.”

The same goes with the College of Business Administration (CBA) Magnates when it faced the veteran team College of Industrial Technology (CIT) Stingers.

The Magnates gave all their aspiration to one player that stands to make a strong bastion in protecting the goal from the blinding kicks of the Stingers.

Knowing what they are capable of, accepting what they can't do and concentrate on the skills they hold of, were among the things in the CBA Magnates' plan, without expecting an easy win or win. The Stingers, last year’s rank 1, dictated the phase of the game, but CBA coach Jessie Gin's plan was to make a full defense, putting all reliance to the full backs - the only action that the Magnates could do to the nonstop pressure came from the assaulting team. 

In the end, CIT failed to create a goal, in score 0-0. CBA's plan was successful to put all the teams' fate to a free kick shoot-out. The Stingers made a single goal but the Magnates scored twice. One of the two kick goals came from one defensive player, making a very useful contribution to make his team the unexpected champ. His guarding skills avoided the enemy to score any goal, wihout attacking, making a free kick in the end.

Wearing jersey number 19, is the19-year-old kick warrior from Sta. Ana Bulakan, Bulacan, Alvin Godoy. A 3rd year BSBA major in Management, a classmate of CBA football coach and CLFL 2012 champion team Futbulakenyos member Jessie Gin Capino.

Alvin learned the sport just last year when Capino convinced him to join the CBA Magnets football team.

“Sumali kami noon dahil kabarkada at kaklase namin 'yong coach namin”, Godoy said.

The College of Business Adminstration made an entry to the football tournament last year so the anticipation of being the weakest and lowest ranking team was easy to accept.

“In-enjoy lang namin 'yong last year, alam naman naming hindi kami mananalo sa ibang team, said Godoy.

But then, the player from Bulakan started to love the sport. Godoy did not join or try to play any other sports.

In the entire BulSU Intramurals 2012 football competition, Godoy butted in three goals, one from the first game of CBA Magnates on day one against the rookie team College of Social Science and Philosophy (CSSP) Rajas. When coach Jessie Gin became satisfied with the team's defensive performance, he placed Godoy in the front to make more attacks and score.

The second goal came from the close semi-final match, game 14 of Day three versus the College of Engineering (COE) Red Ants. CBA won because of a penalty shoot-out scored 4-2. One goal came from Godoy’s kick. His last goal came from the final match against the CIT Stingers.

COE kasi, malakas ang strategy tsaka enjoy lang sila maglaro. Yung CIT talagang malakas 'yong katawan”, Godoy said as he described the COE and CIT football teams.


The CBA’s plan was really efective in all the five games that they played. Godoy's defensive skills was one of the perfect recipes of the new champion’s signature tactics.

“Alam kasi namin na wala kaming laban kapag sumugod kami, tanggap namin kung ano at saan kami mahina, do'n 'yon sa opensa. Kaya do'n na lang namin ilalabas lahat ng lakas namin sa kaya at alam naming gawin, 'yun 'yong depensa. Do'n kami may laban. Pagkatapos sa ending result 0-0 ang score kaya may free kick shoot-out. Do'n din kami babawi, dahil lahat ng team, beterano man o hindi magiging patas sa sitwasyong 'yon”, Alvin stated.

In the whole tournament, even if the Magnates fought the two ranking teams CIT and COE, whatever the situation, there’s no such thing as sign of any pressure among the members of the CBA Football Team.

Enjoy lang talaga kami at tiwala sa mga team mates. 'Yon lang talaga,” Godoy uttered.

“At tsaka, nakakapag-bonding din kasi kami, kaya komportable na kami at may faith sa isat-isa”, Godoy ended.

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