by John Paul Marquez

LONDON - Filipino’s pride Mark Anthony Barriga bid adieu to his shot for the gold medal as he fell to advance in the quarter finals after a loss to Kazakhstan’s Birzhan Zhakypov 17-16 in the light flyweight division in 2012 London Olympics. 

                Barriga was penalized because of headbutting in the third and final round of the game after he led 10-8 in the two rounds.

                 Philippine officials decided to file a protest about the call. They want to review that call but it didn’t happened for the officials of that match rejected the complaint. Referee Roland Labbe called the penalty to Barriga that leads to deduction and a plus point to Zhakypov.

               In the first round Zhakypov dominated the game (5-4) by throwing punches but in the second round Philippines Barriga found some opening in his opponent and made him land all his punches. He became more aggressive and ended up that round leading by 10-8.

                   In the third round Zhakypov became desperate to win the match and to advance in the quarter that’s why he almost turn the sport into wrestling. He was grabbing Barriga and force it to lay on the floor. In that round Barriga called for headbutting but in the latter part of the round both fighters was called for deduction.

                   Philippine officials were disappointed about the result when it was declared that the Kazakhstan fighter won. ABAP executive director Ed Picson was the one who filed the complaint but it was unfortunately rejected.

                   Barriga failed to advance in the quarter after he defeated Italy’s Manuel Cappai in the round of 32, 17-7. Philippines lost again another athelete for our medal hopes. BMX Rider Daniel Caluag, Long Jump participant Marestella Torres and Rene Herrera of 500m run are the only Filipinos left in the competition, hoping to grab medals in the Olympics.  

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