By Dahren Sta. Ana

Bulacan State University (BSU) is now preparing for the yearly Intramurals with this year's theme “Tatag ng Kalooban, Liksi ng Katawan, Talas ng Isipan at Pagkakapatiran, Lakas ng BulSuan sa taunang Intramural” in which all the colleges including the four satellite campuses of the university will show off their talents and abilities in sports, occurring on August 27 to 31.

The BulSU Intramurals 2012 will be hosted by the College of Physical Education, Recreation and Sports (COPERS). According to Dean Raquel Mendoza, it is always a work of the COPERS every year. Being in the college of PE and Sports, they are the ones tasked to prepare it. 

The event will start with a parade at 7am on August 27, all the way from the Bulacan Sports Complex. It will be joined by the BSU Calm Riders Motorcycle Association Inc., Marshall, Colors, BulSU Officials, Officiating Official, BulSU Brass band, Bustos campus, Hagonoy Campus, Meneses Campus, Sarmiento Campus and different Colleges in the main campus. 

“Intramurals is a very big event that Bulacan State University is really preparing for it. It is a scenario and regular activity of any school for the very beginning even during the time that BSU's name is still BCAT. It is almost a century. From the time since this school was built, Intramurals is a regular activity in the school,” said Dean Mendoza.

The event is sponsored by some volunteers and by athe BulSU administration. It is through the athletic fees that the students pay in their miscellaneous fee that is why the university has a fund for this kind of activity. 

“There are some volunteers, I don’t know what they are going to give but in the Beauty Pageant I understand there are a number of sponsors that they could give, small prizes, but the major prizes will be coming from the administration. In the whole Intrams we’re getting it from the athletic fee,” Mendoza added.

Mendoza gave her outlook and reasons in this yearly intramurals in which every student will be given a chance to show their hidden abilities and to strengthen their self-confidence.

 “Primarily, this could be a good break for a very monopoly academic endeavor. Another, it is also a way of scouting athletes for our varsity team and then, of course this is a break for everyone, to those who cannot participate in the varsity,” she ended.

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