by Deliza Maye Fernandez

The campaign of the Filipino athletes in the London Olympics has ended as the BMX cyclist Daniel Caluag fell out of line in the quarter finals.

In the first run, Caluag was able to finish fifth place in spite of crashing with his other opponents in the first turn. He placed seventh in the second run and ranked sixth in the third. Caluag wasn’t able to advance at the semis so he gambled his chance on the remaining fourth and fifth run in which he placed fifth and sixth for a total of 29 points. He wasn't able to qualify in the semis.

In the seeding run on August 8, he finished his run with 40.9 seconds that made him ranked second to the last among the 32 contenders. 

Daniel Caluag was the only Asian who qualified in the BMX Cycling in London Olympics. BMX cycling is still fresh in this huge kind of competitions as it was first introduce in the Beijing Olympics last 2008.

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