by Kattryn Erryc Sayo

Having been controlled by different races, the modern Filipinos are undoubtedly a blend of different cultures. Being under the power and influence of different foreign invaders, Filipinos came out with varied set of values in the modern world.

Troubling Changes Through Time

                Nowadays, Filipinos are still easily influenced by different races and culture. Even without the presence of colonization and invasion, Filipinos’ way of life can still be manipulated. This has been apparent as a result of today’s modern living. Because of the great impact within the realms of modern technology, people from every part of the world are highly connected from one another. With just a click on the television, a browse on books and magazines, or a click on the internet, a Filipino’s manners are at risk of being changed.

                One good example of the effects of modernization to a Pinoy’s manner is the attitude of being liberated. Because of obsession for foreign beauty and issues, many Filipinos seemed to be inclined to foreign values and way of living and one of these is the concept of being aggressive and liberated. In the past, if a woman and man hold each other’s hand, they should get married; but in today’s reality, a man or woman can hold hands, kiss and hug with whomever they want without the need for marriage. In the past, a woman should not let her body be seen by other people; but now, even young Filipinos do the opposite and are sometimes involved in disgracing pictures and videos. In the past, being an unmarried pregnant woman is a huge humiliation; but now, it is just an ordinary scenario.

                One more distinction is a Filipino’s social life. At the present time, Filipinos are likely to be more predisposed to modern technology. Before, people hang out together; mingling is one form of leisure. Now, there are social networking websites that people became contented even without seeing each other, and instead of socializing, they satisfy themselves by just playing online games, etc.

                Another alteration in the Filipino traits is the use of violence and sense of disrespect. Yes, violence and disrespect were already there in the past, but not like now that it came to the point wherein even the youth engage in immoral affairs. In the past, children obey their parents, people obey the laws. Today, children became rebellious and are even suspects in crimes.

Seeing the Light

                 Not all changes are bad. If there are negative changes rooting from the past, there are also positive effects that ware brought about by these changes.

                Remember when Filipinos were obstructed to have freedom under the authority of colonizers? That was one thing to prove that Filipinos weren’t able to do what they want; their rights were trashed. Another thing is that families are awfully strict that desires and yearnings were not easy to attain. But nowadays, almost all Filipinos are very fortunate to experience 100% liberty. Right and privileges are always valued, and they can do things whenever and wherever they want to. Yet, this freedom always causes both positive and negative results to occur. Still, many Filipinos, particularly the youth, don’t know that culpability always comes with freedom.

                  An important issue related to this is gender equality. Dating back from the past, men takes superiority while women lives in mediocrity. All rights and privileges are mostly enjoyed by men. Even a high-class women weren't allowed full advantage when it comes to living. But in today's time, men and women share equal rights and dignity.

A Filipino will always be a Filipino

                 These changes in Filipino traits are not considered as a sweeping statement. It does not necessarily mean that all Filipinos do the same negative things. These are merely an observation of the differences and transformations that happened over the years.

                  Changes may have been mostly from positive to negative, but those changes will never be permanent. Those are just mere influences acquired through time. As always, a Filipino’s original morals and principles will never be ignored and forgotten. Filipinos will always be known for warm hospitality, close family ties, love for freedom, bravery, humility and hard-work.

                In these days wherein modernization claims superiority over traditionalism, one can surely differentiate a Filipino from the past and a Filipino in the present times. But despite the changes in assets and characteristics, traits from the past still exist in in the heart of every Filipino.
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Great words! I love your work 😊

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When you mention the word “past” does it relate to like pre-colonial era or colonial era ?

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How to I cite this reference? Please provide because I'm using this literature for my research paper


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