By Deliza Maye Fernandez

An amphitheater was planned to be built in Bulacan State University, upgrading its Gymnasium or the so-called Valencia Hall.

According to Nicanor Dela Rama, the Dean of the College of Engineering, this amphitheater was proposed by the university’s president, Mariano De Jesus.

“Dream na niya talagang magkaroon ng amphitheater ang BSU bago man lang siya magretire,” said Dela Rama.

The amphitheater was supposed to end its construction in March 2013 but due to the many off-days given by the past calamities, the construction has not even started yet. Therefore, the desired building cannot happen early next year but Dela Rama assured that this dream will come true.

One of the reasons why the building of the amphitheater could not start was the waiting of the bidding procedure. After going through planning and fixing the budget, the invitation of the bidders that are capable of construction is set. The budget is from the income of the university.

Dela Rama said that having an amphitheater will be an advantage for the students especially in their activities. According to him, it is desired to be classy and air-conditioned.

“Pinag-aaralan na rin 'yong upuan kung panao gagawin para mas marami ang ma-accommodate,” he added.

The amphitheater will be a lot bigger than the gymnasium in BSU.

Dela Rama stated that this is also going to be opened for other schools if they are going to be invited in particular events hosted by the university.

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