by Dahren Sta. Ana

“Challenge wins game, but hard work and determination win championship.” So goes a quote for a person who is inclined in playing basketball; a person who believes that with hard work and determination, he will get what he wants and maybe, much better than that. 

She started playing basketball when she was a child. Together with other children, they played basketball in their backyard. There was a time when she was playing basketball because her father gave her a challenge that would be rewarded of anything she wants. Also, playing basketball has been the way of bonding between her and her father, who loves the famous sport.

When she was in high school she became one of the varsity players in their basketball women team, though she did not have a chance to taste victory. When she was a 2nd year college in General Santos City, she continued on playing basketball that reached the Nationals, but also failed to get the championship title. Now, she is a 4th year college student taking up Civil Engineering in Bulacan State University. At first, she joined the varsity try-out in BSU but did not continue because of the conflict in studies and training. She decided to just settle on playing during Intrams and their College Week.

This lady who also loves playing volleyball and computer games was one of the players of the College of Engineering Basketball team who became the champion in the Basketball women in the 2012 Intramurals. Wearing jersey number 19 and with the position of small forward is Shane Camua Cruz, 22 years old, living in San Pablo, Malolos.

She is now little by little achieving one of her dreams. With a height of 5’6, she is one of the rookies in their team. For her, basketball is exciting. Using skills, mind, tactics, help to be fully fit. She believes that teamwork is one of the core aspects in achieving victory, just like what their team has shown during their matches in the recent Intamurals.

According to her, their team does not care about the score, what's important for them is they have team work and that one goal - to win the game by giving all their best.

She said that their coach Mr. Juan Tecson, an Industrial engineer never failed to give them physical and moral support. For her, Tecson is the best coach because of all the reinforcement he gives the team.

Moreover, Cruz gave her advice for those who wants to play basketball.

Cruz said, “Kung gusto nila try lang nila wala naman mawawala eh. Saka basta practice lang kagaya no'ng mga teammates ko ,nakikinig sila kung gusto talaga nila. Wala namang mawawala basta easy-easy lang sa game saka kilalanin ninyo 'yong makakalaban ninyo kasi may iba physical masyado."

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