by Nico Villaceran

CEBU - Undefeated Genesis ”Azukal” Servania dismantled Jorge” El Feroz” Pazos via unanumous decision and earned the WBO Asia Pacific Super Bantam Weight title, as the filipino fighter pour the mexican with solid right hooks and left-right body blows in Pinoy Pride XV at the Waterfront hotel and casino, August 18, Saturday night.

In three tie, the judges scored 118-107,the Allah rising star Servania remained unbeaten in a new record 19-0-7.

Servania appeared much more confident and natural in the ring. He tookthe initiative in the attacks and looked at ease during combat. He threw punches with a target on sight. Overal,l he is more complete and dangerous, a testament that he has found a home in in the sport of boxing and he enjoys learning the craft.

Inside the fight, Pazos stumbled because of Servania’s right hook in 1 minute and 58 seconds of the 1st round. In round 7, Azukal made a cut in the right eye of the mexican. El Ferroz was downed from the second time because of left and right body shots and liver punches in the 1 minute and 17 seconds of the 8th round. Pazos still got to his feet.

Fans exited the Waterfront Hotel wondering how was possible that Pazos did not stay tripping during any of those agonizing falls. 

Even though Genesis did not knock out Pazos, he forced the Mexican to the canvas a couple of times the hard way, both with body shots as well as with crushing hooks to the head that rocked the Sinaloan fighter.

“Regalo ko 'tong panalo ko sa sarili ko no'ng August 15”, Servania said for winning the fight. 

The complete training program from Alla boxing gym was really effective to Servania’s fight- the body punch work-out, aggressiveness and conditioning, including Azukal’s intelligency and preparedness.

“The Boxing Gym has the complete and latest training program to produce boxing rising superstars like Servania”, Ronnie Nataniels said, a boxing analyst.

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