Sense of Oblation Run
Christine Mae Juan

Every year in the celebration of the foundation week of Bulacan State University (BulSU), the APO (Alpha Phi Omega) Fraternity executes an oblation Run for a cause. Yet, despite the anticipation of many to see several naked men running, the fact that it is considered as “nothing” by some still remains.

This 2012, 26 to 27 members of the brotherhood ran naked, asking for a clean and peaceful 2013 elections. Negative comments had risen instantly.

“Tumatakbo sila for a purpose alam naman natin ‘yon. Kaya lang ang mga tao ngayon iba ‘yong tinitingnan at hindi na inaalam ‘yong tunay na dahilan ng pagtakbo nila,” said BulSU Mass Communication Student Sarah Jane dela Cruz.

Some said we are just imitating University of the Philippines (UP) in having Oblation Run.

Yes we are not in UP, we are in BulSU. And yes it is not necessary to do such a thing just to boast “May oblation rin sa BulSu!” They are running naked for years but I don’t think they already made a change.

It’s not that I’m against APO or against oblation run. It’s just that no matter how long they run or show more skin, if the administration is still not willing to listen about what we students are saying, it’ll be all worthless. If that’s the case then there’s no point for running, add the fact of running naked.

I got their point, I got their message. But the question is “Does everyone get their point as much as I do?”

Honestly, BulSUans are excited in watching for oblation not because they want to give their sympathy for those who run naked but because they want to see those runners naked.

Some would say “Maliliit naman”, “Hindi naman magaganda katawan”, “Nakakasuya”. Why? Because they are not there to support the advocacy of those runners, they were there to see someone’s naked body.

If people would keep in mind that they are running to show their body, then these men are merely running for nothing.

It’ll take a lot of guts for someone to show his body and run naked. So my dear BulSUans, they are not running for fun, they are running for a cause. They are not actually imitating UP, they are fighting for something. We just have to see things beyond that body.

1/14/2017 02:41:04 am

Should have women also participate running naked, so everyone is equally naked.


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