by Akiko John Domingo

Among the three awards: gold, silver and bronze, it’s the first one that matters most for Jasper Fernandez.

Fernandez, 16, a freshman student of Bulacan State University's College of Information and Communications Technology (CICT), was very diligent before the finals of the table tennis male division in the 2012 Intramurals of the said university.

Fernandez attained his finals appearance by defeating Bustos Campus’ Philip Feliciano on the quarter finals by just a point, 3-2.

He then won the Men’s Group A after vanquishing COE’s Mark Jeffrey Espinola with 3-1 score.

But unfortunate incidents followed and he lost the finals against Jansen Reyes of CHE with a slim 4-3 score.

After the awarding ceremony, Fernandez said, “Silver ang napanalunan ko, ‘di ko in-expect 'yon, gold ang inasahan ko.”

When asked on what he will do after the game, Fernandez said, “Train hard po.”

Fernandez was also involved in swimming, though much more devoted on pingpong.

Idol ko po talaga si Timo Boll,” Fernandez articulated pertaining to a German table tennis superstar.

“At dahil kay Timo Boll, mas lalo ko pang pagbubutihan,” Fernandez said, inspiring himself.


by John Paul Marquez

Athletes from different colleges all gathered to showcase their talent, to compete in their different categories and to be the toughest of all in Bulacan State University Intramurals 2012. 

To get hold of a gold medal is what all athletes desire. Some of them are lucky to win medals, some are very lucky who win not just one medal, but more than that.

That's just like the good fortune of Rica Roselle Reyes of BPE (Bachelor in Physical Education), when she won five gold medals in her five sports category (4x400 meter relay, classical relay, long jump, 1500 meter run and 400 meter run).

But some players weren't luck enough. The 19-year-old Fine Arts student of the same university, Ferdinand Rae Ruiz, joined three sports events in the 2012 BulSU Intramurals (swimming, long jump and triple jump) but in those entire events, he didn’t get even a single medal, as he was always on the fourth rank.

“Nanghihinayang din syempre, dapat pala nag-training ako nang maigi,” Ruiz stated.

“Pero nakatulong kasi na-challenge ako at masarap ang feeling ko 'pag ganoon. Pag-iigihan ko na lang ang training, he added.

He also said that he’s been looking forward to owning a medal since he joined the Intramurals last 2011, but those things are still not in the line for him now.

Ruiz who came from San Juan, Balagtas, Bulacan started his passion in sports since he was Grade One. He began his career in sports by playing basketball. He said that he played basketball because of his idol Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

In their family, he said that he is the only one that has been devoted in playing sports.

"Sa angkan namin ako lang (interested in sports),” he said.

In his high school years in Balagtas National Agricultural High School, he continued his career and joined sports competitions like 200 meter dash, 100 meter, Long Jump and Shut Put. He did not get any medal yet during that time.

Finally in his college life at Bulacan State University, he became a varsity player in swimming in his 2nd year, 2nd semester. He took up swimming as his PE subject and then eventually he realized that he can compete in swimming by practicing harder. That is what he did but again he didn’t get a good position in that event.

Ruiz disclosed where he gets inspiration to pursue his sports career.

“Dahil sa mga idol ko na sina Manny Pacquiao, LeBron (James), Usain Bolt mga gano'n, tapos syempre pamilya ko. Sila 'yong mga inspirasyon ko,” he shared.

“At dahil din sa mga babae (with laugh),” said Ruiz jokingly.

In this upcoming State Colleges Universities Athletics Associaton (SCUAA), Ruiz will attempt his luck once again in swimming.

“May three months pa ako para makapag-training, tsaka hindi pa naman sure kung kasama ako sa SCUAA,” he stated.

Despite of his losing streak, Ruiz does not intend to give up. Instead he makes every loss as an inspiration to get his rhythm and to finally get the three-lettered word he've been wanting to achieve --- WIN.


by Kattryn Erryc Sayo

It is merely out of passion and popularity that makes a person holf on to a specific sport. But for Christian John Yanga, 19, a third year Business Management student of Bulacan State University, it’s more than that.

Dawn of Fervor

Seeing his sister and her boyfriend play volleyball when he was still nine years old was the origin of Yanga’s passion with the well-known sport. He was just a young grade three pupil of Tabang Elementary Central School in Plaridel when he thought he wanted to be popular too in the field of sports.

“Nahilig ako sa volleyball kasi ate ko at boyfriend niya player dati. Lagi ko sila napapanood. Parang naisip ko, gusto ko rin maglaro no’n at makilala,” shared Yanga.

Two years later, after establishing aid and dedication in volleyball, Yanga became determined in joining actual volleyball competitions. He had tried out to be a volleyball athlete at his new Alma Mater St. James Academy, also in Plaridel, and received good commentaries from a coach and the varsity players, making him go on for volleyball.

“Habang pinapanood ko ‘yong mga varsity players, nainggit ako kaya nag-try-out ako. Sabi naman sa’kin may potensyal ako. Do’n ako pinalakas ng coach namin,” said Yanga.

He started competing with other students in the annual Intramurals, when he was a grade five pupil in the year 2004.

He then pursued his dream and continued on joining volleyball matches, representing his batch and school as well. Yanga was also able to compete outside Plaridel and even beyond the province. His eagerness and skills in the sport thrived, and he became one of the tough spikers of the Jamean volleyball team.

He had been a Jamean athlete of volleyball during the annual Bulacan Private Schools Association (BULPRISA) Sectoral Meet for three years, and in the Luzon-OP Siena Schools DAOP-PALAD Meet. He had also represented his barangay during volleyball leagues.

In his last two years in St. James Academy before moving on to college, he was one of the best players of the school’s volleyball team, having a share on effort and skills why the team has been hailed as the champion in BULPRISA Volleyball men for two consecutive years, 2008 and 2009. Because of that victory, he had an opportunity to prove his abilities more, and play volleyball outside Bulacan, competing with other provinces in Region III.

Benefits over Doubts

                Entering college in Bulacan State University could be a stepping stone for Yanga to level up his career in the world of volleyball. Though admitting it would be easy for him to become one of the universities’ volleyball athletes, he didn’t even attempt to get a chance to be a part of BulSU’s Gold Gears, for he knew too well that his studies must be given so much more attention than sports.

                “Naniniwala akong kaya kong makapasok o makapasa para maging BulSU volleyball athlete, kaso ang inaalala ko eh ‘yong grades ko. Gabi na kasi mag-training ang varsity eh. At saka imbes na magpahinga na lang ako, may training pa,” shared Yanga.

                The prioritization for his studies made Yanga settle on playing volleyball through BSU’s annual Intramurals. Since first year college, he became a part of the College of Business Administration (CBA) Magnates Volleyball Team. In his second year (2011), their team won 2nd place in volleyball while in his first and third year (2010, 2012), the volleyball men Magnates was not able to get any place. Yanga believes his teammates are still tensed beginners in the field, and that they merely lacked of confidence.

                Doubts and indecisions were also a part of Yanga’s journey with volleyball. He confesses that he worries about his studies and health when having strenuous trainings and competitions. But thinking of the possibilities that might bring him proud and upward, thinking of the pleasure and delight he conveys to his family, friends and supporters, and thinking of gaining more bond and companionship, are Yanga’s set of motivation that serve as his strongholds to keep on.

                “May mga times na nagdadalawang-isip ako kung itutuloy ko ang pagba-volleyball. Bakit? Kasi nangangamba ako sa grades ko. Lagi na rin ako pumapayat ‘pag naglalaro. At umiitim pa (laughs). Nanghihinayang naman akong huminto kasi dito talaga ko nakikilala. Nakakahanap din ako ng maraming kabigan. Masaya rin pag nakikita kong maraming proud sa’kin lalo na pamilya ko. Pangarap ko rin makapaglaro sa Nationals. Kung tutuusin ang daming advantage kaya tuluy-tuloy na siguro ang paglalaro ko,” Yanga said.

Delights and Dreams

                To be able to stay on good grounds on both his academics and athletics, Yanga believes that knowing his priorities helps. If both studies and sports are considered important, balance must be attained.

                “Para sa akin kung ayaw magpabaya sa pag-aaral pero gusto pa rin maglaro, time management  ang solusyon. Kung sa umaga puro ka aral, sa gabi naman pagbutihin ang training. Na-a-attain mo ‘yong enjoyment, at the same time wala kang pangamba,” he said.

                When it comes to support and encouragement he gets, Yanga is truly filled with those. Just a simple “Go Xtian!” from his family and friends while the play is on can boost him.

                “’Pag naglalaro ako sinisigaw nila ‘yong pangalan ko, nakakagana maglaro ‘yon. Kumukuha pa sila ng pictures at videos tapos ipapakita sa’kin,” the spiker said.

The 19-year-old volleyball lover is beyond doubt a sports enthusiast. Aside from playing volleyball, he also enjoys himself in table tennis, basketball, badminton, billiards and chess. Since his vigor and devotion lies in volleyball, that is where he got concentrated in dealing with.

                Aside from volleyball, marami rin akong hilig tulad ng table tennis, basketball, badminton, billiards at chess, kahit hindi ako masyadong sanay. Ganyan ako kahilig sa sports,” he stated.

                It is not only in sports that the future businessman has been inclined to. Who would have thought that he is also gifted with powerful vocals? Since elementary, Yanga has been singing during masses and events in his school. He admits he also wants to be a famous singer someday, but does not have the guts to join singing competitions.

                Yanga was also a part of the CBA Magnates Pepsquad Competition in BulSU Intramurals 2012 wherein the team got second place, following the College of Home Economics (CHE) Tigers.

Despite being blessed with athletic stature, powerful vocals, and a good-looking physicality, Yanga remained humble and modest. It’s not wholly popularity that makes him pleased, but the friendship he gains, and the support and pride he gets hold of during competitions.

When asked what his message is for volleyball players like him, he said, “Ang mapapayo ko sa mga player na tulad ko, tyagain ang training kahit mahirap. Kasi sa bawat hirap may magandang resulta. Dapat nando’n din ang puso, sportsmanship at loyalty. Huwag agad magyabang. Huwag agad makuntento sa kung anong meron ka, kasi ma-i-improve mo pa ’yon lahat kapag hinasa mo pa ng husto.”


By Justine Marie Bernardo 

BULACAN STATE UNIVERSITY - A 4th-year Business Administration Management student bagged the gold in Sudoku Women in the recent BulSU Intramurals 2012.

Jennifer Bernardo, 19, started by reading the newspaper way back in Highschool, trying to answer Sudoku puzzles.

She also said that she’s very much attached into numbers so she’s curious about the game and continued it as her hobby.

“Hindi kasi ako athletic masyado tsaka gusto ko naman 'yong sport na Sudoku kaya ito 'yong sinalihan namin no'ng classmate ko,” Bernardo said.

Bernardo also joined previous competitions in Highschool. In her first year college, he joined in the BulSU Intramurals, making its way to State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association (SCUAA).

Mr. Greg Saclot is CBA Magnates' SUdoku Coach.

Bernardo said she trains with her teammates. She usually finish Easy level by 3-5mins, Average by 4-8mins and Difficult by 7-10mins. She used the Deduction and the Elimination Method as the techniques to the competition.

Bernardo said that Mr. Saclot, their coach is very supportive to them and treat them after winning.


by Nico Villaceran

FOOTBALL - “When the offense doesn’t work, an intensive defense will be the solution.”

The same goes with the College of Business Administration (CBA) Magnates when it faced the veteran team College of Industrial Technology (CIT) Stingers.

The Magnates gave all their aspiration to one player that stands to make a strong bastion in protecting the goal from the blinding kicks of the Stingers.

Knowing what they are capable of, accepting what they can't do and concentrate on the skills they hold of, were among the things in the CBA Magnates' plan, without expecting an easy win or win. The Stingers, last year’s rank 1, dictated the phase of the game, but CBA coach Jessie Gin's plan was to make a full defense, putting all reliance to the full backs - the only action that the Magnates could do to the nonstop pressure came from the assaulting team. 

In the end, CIT failed to create a goal, in score 0-0. CBA's plan was successful to put all the teams' fate to a free kick shoot-out. The Stingers made a single goal but the Magnates scored twice. One of the two kick goals came from one defensive player, making a very useful contribution to make his team the unexpected champ. His guarding skills avoided the enemy to score any goal, wihout attacking, making a free kick in the end.

Wearing jersey number 19, is the19-year-old kick warrior from Sta. Ana Bulakan, Bulacan, Alvin Godoy. A 3rd year BSBA major in Management, a classmate of CBA football coach and CLFL 2012 champion team Futbulakenyos member Jessie Gin Capino.

Alvin learned the sport just last year when Capino convinced him to join the CBA Magnets football team.

“Sumali kami noon dahil kabarkada at kaklase namin 'yong coach namin”, Godoy said.

The College of Business Adminstration made an entry to the football tournament last year so the anticipation of being the weakest and lowest ranking team was easy to accept.

“In-enjoy lang namin 'yong last year, alam naman naming hindi kami mananalo sa ibang team, said Godoy.

But then, the player from Bulakan started to love the sport. Godoy did not join or try to play any other sports.

In the entire BulSU Intramurals 2012 football competition, Godoy butted in three goals, one from the first game of CBA Magnates on day one against the rookie team College of Social Science and Philosophy (CSSP) Rajas. When coach Jessie Gin became satisfied with the team's defensive performance, he placed Godoy in the front to make more attacks and score.

The second goal came from the close semi-final match, game 14 of Day three versus the College of Engineering (COE) Red Ants. CBA won because of a penalty shoot-out scored 4-2. One goal came from Godoy’s kick. His last goal came from the final match against the CIT Stingers.

COE kasi, malakas ang strategy tsaka enjoy lang sila maglaro. Yung CIT talagang malakas 'yong katawan”, Godoy said as he described the COE and CIT football teams.


The CBA’s plan was really efective in all the five games that they played. Godoy's defensive skills was one of the perfect recipes of the new champion’s signature tactics.

“Alam kasi namin na wala kaming laban kapag sumugod kami, tanggap namin kung ano at saan kami mahina, do'n 'yon sa opensa. Kaya do'n na lang namin ilalabas lahat ng lakas namin sa kaya at alam naming gawin, 'yun 'yong depensa. Do'n kami may laban. Pagkatapos sa ending result 0-0 ang score kaya may free kick shoot-out. Do'n din kami babawi, dahil lahat ng team, beterano man o hindi magiging patas sa sitwasyong 'yon”, Alvin stated.

In the whole tournament, even if the Magnates fought the two ranking teams CIT and COE, whatever the situation, there’s no such thing as sign of any pressure among the members of the CBA Football Team.

Enjoy lang talaga kami at tiwala sa mga team mates. 'Yon lang talaga,” Godoy uttered.

“At tsaka, nakakapag-bonding din kasi kami, kaya komportable na kami at may faith sa isat-isa”, Godoy ended.


by Deliza Maye Fernandez

The 21-year-old student of the College of Physical Education and Recreational Sports (COPERS), Kenneth Reyes, led the scoring of the Men’s Basketball Championship, making his team to get the title in the Bulacan State University Intramurals 2012.

The 5’11 Kenneth Reyes was born on January 18, 1991 in Sta. Isabel, Malolos, Bulacan, taking up Bachelor of Physical Education in his first year right after he graduated a two-year course of Computer Technology in Bulacan Polytechnic College.

Nakatapos na ko ng two-year course. Nag-aral ako ulit kasi gusto ko, four-year (course) naman,” said Reyes.

He finished elementary in Sta. Isabel Elementary School and graduated his highschool in Marcelo H. Del Pilar National HighSchool. Currently, He is a varsity of Basketball in BSU with the benefits of full-scholarship and monthly allowance.

With his 24 big points in the championship, the athletic spirit has been noticed in him. He said he was 15 when he learned to play Basketball and got hooked on it. It has been ten years now that he’s playing in different basketball games including his playing for the school.

Walang nag-impluwensiya sa’kin nagustuhan ko lang talaga bigla,” Reyes stated.

He also added that he’s been idolizing James Yap of Philippine Basketball Association or PBA. He admitted that with his love for this sports, he even idolized Rukawa, one of the leading character of the anime’ SlamDunk who is also the reason behind his jersey number 11.

But in spite of his love and passion he gives for the said sport, Reyes doesn’t want to pursue playing in professional league like D-League or PBA.

“Ang sa’kin lang, makatapos ako at magkaroon ng marangal at maayos na trabaho, okay na,” said Reyes.


by Dahren Sta. Ana

“Challenge wins game, but hard work and determination win championship.” So goes a quote for a person who is inclined in playing basketball; a person who believes that with hard work and determination, he will get what he wants and maybe, much better than that. 

She started playing basketball when she was a child. Together with other children, they played basketball in their backyard. There was a time when she was playing basketball because her father gave her a challenge that would be rewarded of anything she wants. Also, playing basketball has been the way of bonding between her and her father, who loves the famous sport.

When she was in high school she became one of the varsity players in their basketball women team, though she did not have a chance to taste victory. When she was a 2nd year college in General Santos City, she continued on playing basketball that reached the Nationals, but also failed to get the championship title. Now, she is a 4th year college student taking up Civil Engineering in Bulacan State University. At first, she joined the varsity try-out in BSU but did not continue because of the conflict in studies and training. She decided to just settle on playing during Intrams and their College Week.

This lady who also loves playing volleyball and computer games was one of the players of the College of Engineering Basketball team who became the champion in the Basketball women in the 2012 Intramurals. Wearing jersey number 19 and with the position of small forward is Shane Camua Cruz, 22 years old, living in San Pablo, Malolos.

She is now little by little achieving one of her dreams. With a height of 5’6, she is one of the rookies in their team. For her, basketball is exciting. Using skills, mind, tactics, help to be fully fit. She believes that teamwork is one of the core aspects in achieving victory, just like what their team has shown during their matches in the recent Intamurals.

According to her, their team does not care about the score, what's important for them is they have team work and that one goal - to win the game by giving all their best.

She said that their coach Mr. Juan Tecson, an Industrial engineer never failed to give them physical and moral support. For her, Tecson is the best coach because of all the reinforcement he gives the team.

Moreover, Cruz gave her advice for those who wants to play basketball.

Cruz said, “Kung gusto nila try lang nila wala naman mawawala eh. Saka basta practice lang kagaya no'ng mga teammates ko ,nakikinig sila kung gusto talaga nila. Wala namang mawawala basta easy-easy lang sa game saka kilalanin ninyo 'yong makakalaban ninyo kasi may iba physical masyado."


by Reina Peralta

   The overall champion of Women’s Volleyball in the 2012 Bulacan State University (BulSU) Intramurals, Sarmiento Campus, has its best players who were behind the success of the team in every game. One of them is Roxanne Arellano.

            Standing 5’2 in height, this 17-year-old, first year Bachelor of Science in Business Administration student and spiker of Sarmiento Stars from Sapang Palay, Bulacan already had plenty of experiences in the world of sports.  She plays track and field and high jump, but the sport which she deeply fell in love with is volleyball.

            Because of her great dedication in volleyball, Arellano showcases her great skills everytime she was given a chance to play, like in this year’s intramurals.  She was not part of Sarmiento’s varsity but still, she gladly accepted the challenge of being one of the representatives in that event.

            No one influenced her to play volleyball. She just learned it from herself.  She started playing since she was in elementary at Tarlac Elementary School, around 10 or 11 years old.  She continued it in high school at Tarlac Estepon High School, then when she started joining varsity and tryouts.

            The journey of Arellano in becoming one of the country’s best athletes someday does not ended in this intramurals.  It was just her start, and she will still pursue volleyball even after college.


by Deliza Maye Fernandez

   The story of Filipino BMX cyclist Daniel Caluag was laid through his relatives in Bulacan.

            Daniel Patrick Manabat Caluag was born on January 15, 1987. His father Danny Caluag is a respiratory therapist in Bulacan who migrated in Guam at an early age and relocated and settled with his wife in California. His mother, Isabelita Caluag is from Nueva Ecija who is now a head nurse in one of the hospital in Southern California.

            Daniel Caluag grew up in the United States. At the age of 8 or 9, he put his self to cycling when his father taught him how to bike. As he got older and better at that sport, he began competing in major competitions in United States and started to dream of entering the Olympic Team. He won his first professional titles in 2007 and ranked number 9 in US elite standings. Despite of that, he failed to qualify in the Olympic.

            The rejections never made him surrender. Instead, he accepted it as a challenge and thought of himself driving his life on a rocky road. He find his way to achieve his dream by shifting his sights to the Philippines through earning enough points in three tough qualifying tournaments including the Union Cycliste Internationale BMX World Championship in Birmingham United Kingdom to get a spot on a National team. And because he was not able to use the training equipment in USA, he opted to do his training in Netherlands to maintain his condition.

With a Filipino Heart

            In spite of being unable to speak Tagalog, Daniel Caluag shows his Filipino side as his relatives in Bulacan laid it out.

            In one of his interviews on television, he reveals his favorite Filipino food like Kare-kare and Adobo.

            Daniel Caluag was not the only one who’s inclined to sports. His younger brother, Christopher John Caluag is also a cyclist and as a matter of fact, he almost joined the Association of Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN) but he failed to fix his papers according to his cousin Marcelita Caluag, a board member in Santisima, Trinidad.

            Meanwhile, his another cousin who is said to be the closest among his other relatives, Casey Jay Caluag, 25, a former UAAP Basketball player of FEU, told his thoughts and experiences with Daniel Caluag whom they preferred to call as Patrick.

“We grew up together,” said Casey Jay. Just like any other childhood bestfriends, they also have been there.

“When we were kids, I only see him during holidays. We usually just ran around and played just like most kids did. Eat.. and just get in to troubles," he added.

            Daniel Caluag went to the Philippines last November in Tagaytay for ASEAN.Though he seldom visits the country he never fails to bond with his relatives.

Pinakadating lang nila dito kapag may namamatay na kamag-anak,” said Marcelita Caluag.

            Daniel Caluag’s cousins are so proud for his never-give-up attitude for making it to the London Olympics. For them, being able to enter the Olympics is an honor or probably a victory enough to be proud of.

'Yong masama pa lang sa Olympics, malaking karangalan na.. na Pilipino ang delegasyon natin sa Olympics,” said Marcelita. According to them, they may be thousand miles away from London to show their support but they assured to back-up through prayers.

            On every road he takes, his coach Jason Richardson, a former BMX Champion; his wife, Stephanie Barragan, also a BMX cyclist and his father, Danny Caluag are there to support.


by Justine Marie Bernardo

Malolos, Bulacan - A Filipino with Bulakenyo lineage is to fight for the Philippines in the upcoming London Olympics 2012.

Daniel "Danny" Caluag is the representative of the Philippines wherein he will compete with the other countries in the sport Bicycle Motocross (BMX Cycling).

Born on January 15, 1987 in Harbor City, California and currently taking BS Nursing degree in the Lindsey Wilson College, The Bulakenyo-Ilocano/American cyclist and his family are already based in Kentucky and seldom contact their families in the Philippines.

He is the 8th Filipino that qualified to join the Olympics and the only Asian out of 32 competitors in the said sport.

Caluag first attempted in competing in the BMX in the United States but unfortunately he did not qualify in the US National Team. That's when decided to represent his parents’ native land and was able to succeed in entering into the Olympics.

Danny has a Respiratory Therapist father namely Daniel Caluag who is from Bulacan, then migrated to Guam then to California. Her mother is aRegistered Nurse namely Isabelita Manabat from Nueva Ecijia. He has a brother, Christopher John, a Civil Engineer. Danny is married to Stephanie Caluag, also a BS Nursing college student.

Danny's competition will be on August 8-10 and will feature quarterfinal, semifinal and final rounds. In each round, eight cyclists are engaged in a head-to-head battle, starting off with a ride down an eight-meter-high ramp then negotiating a dirt circuit that has a banked corner, S-bend transfer and jump marks. The quarterfinal and semifinals are consist of three runs with the cumulative time determining the riders to advance. The finals will gather the top eight cyclists in a single-lap showdown.